Digital and Web Services

Digital is a great entry into marketing and can be accessed by businesses of all sizes. The best thing about digital is that you are able to see your results very quickly and tailor your approach to meet the demands of your customers.

Our digital and web services cover web design, build and management, display, search and social advertising, website analytics, optimisation and gap analysis, social media management and affiliate marketing, to name just a few.

While digital and web services cover a broad spectrum of marketing approaches, JeMarketing can advise you on the best tactic to meet your goals. Contact us now to discuss your business needs.

JeMarketing puts the social into digital marketing. Her skills and experience have added real value to our operations, providing excellent audience engagement and market reach via targeted social and wider digital marketing activities. Her professional ethics and work rate are astonishing - from delivery of multiple design for materials, to all-day sessions on the stand - adding great depth to the definition of what 'busy' really means. I'm proud to have worked with her.
Ian Borthwick, Head of Publishing